Hmisc: Harrell Miscellaneous

Contains many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size and power, importing and annotating datasets, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of R objects to LaTeX and html code, and recoding variables.

Version: 4.0-1
Depends: lattice, survival (≥ 2.40-1), Formula, ggplot2 (≥ 2.2)
Imports: methods, latticeExtra, cluster, rpart, nnet, acepack, foreign, gtable, grid, gridExtra, data.table, htmlTable, viridis, htmltools, base64
Suggests: chron, rms, mice, tables, knitr, ff, ffbase, plotly (≥ 4.5.6)
Published: 2016-12-08
Author: Frank E Harrell Jr, with contributions from Charles Dupont and many others.
Maintainer: Frank E Harrell Jr <f.harrell at>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: yes
Materials: README NEWS ChangeLog
In views: Bayesian, ClinicalTrials, Econometrics, Multivariate, OfficialStatistics, ReproducibleResearch, SocialSciences
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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: acid, anesrake, aspace, cg, colorscience, compareGroups, crackR, EBMAforecast, ENmisc, EstCRM, etable, FRESA.CAD, FunCluster, funModeling, greport, greyzoneSurv, gset, ImportExport, its, lawstat, LifeHist, MEET, nonparaeff, PredictABEL, PRIMsrc, prLogistic, pse, RcmdrPlugin.Export, RcmdrPlugin.mosaic, rms, RM.weights, Scale, tables, uqr, UsingR, visualFields, weights
Reverse imports: aqp, automultinomial, BaBooN, bdynsys, brainGraph, CANSIM2R, caschrono, choroplethr, CluMix, Compind, contrast, Counterfactual, datacheck, DeducerSpatial, drLumi, fdapace, FedData, Gmisc, Greg, hddtools, heemod, heuristica, HH, HistogramTools, hydroPSO, imageData, intsvy, JWileymisc, kehra, lazyWeave, lmerTest, LSAmitR, mapStats, MatchLinReg, matchMulti, mediation, MIAmaxent, microplot, momr, MXM, nbpMatching, ndl, NetOrigin, neuropsychology, nhanesA, nlrr, NSM3, PerFit, pixiedust, plotluck, poliscidata, progenyClust, qgraph, rags2ridges, RcmdrMisc, redcapAPI, reldist, remix, rmngb, RPPanalyzer, SASxport, scape, scphaser, sdcMicroGUI, SDD, SensMixed, sharpshootR, smacof, SocialMediaLab, soilDB, spsurvey, strat, strataG, summarytools, SvyNom, tigerhitteR, TopKLists, TraMineR, translateSPSS2R, VIMGUI, VRPM, WGCNA, wppExplorer, wux, x12GUI, xkcd, xpose4
Reverse suggests: abd, ascii, asVPC, BB, bbmle, bfp, BIFIEsurvey, biomod2, broom, causaldrf, CFC, ClueR, Deducer, denstrip, dtwSat, emil, epade, fastR, fscaret, ggplot2, GMCM, GSIF, hdnom, horseshoe, htmlTable, IPSUR, kamila, kyotil, languageR, lulcc, MARSS, miceadds, MissingDataGUI, mlr, nlme, nLTT, pec, PerformanceAnalytics, planar, plotKML, PopED, PSCBS, rattle, Rcmdr, RcmdrPlugin.pointG, rex, RGraphics, rknn, Rmisc, rockchalk, Rz, separationplot, simcausal, simsalapar, sjstats, Sleuth3, smcUtils, StatMatch, subsemble, SuperLearner, TCGAretriever


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